Increase Spontaneous Donations

Diversify your methods of donation collection and optimize your location distribution.


Connected Donation Kiosk with Contactless Payment

Brite4’s donation collection solutions allow for full customization with the option to set up specific projects that donors can contribute to. Centralize your operations and easily control the information presented to the donors whether it is on a physical kiosk, a tablet or on your website.

Brite 4 - Donation Kiosks

Secure data centralization

Collects and sends emails for donation receipts

Universal contactless payment

Turnkey service

Donation terminal kiosk

Personalize your content and increase fundraising on-site with a contactless digital payment terminal. Fast transaction options for donation amounts up to $100.


Using your smart tablet and a tripod, you can enable the collection of donations for much higher amounts and allow recurring donations.

Contactless donation terminal

Increase your donations by offering a contactless payment option for instant transfer. A simple, effective and sanitary solution to increase your donations by tapping your card for an instant transfer. It is always possible to adjust the donation amounts on the management platform, depending on your events.


Donation interface

Centralize your donations securely by adding our interface to your website, so using a simple link you can collect your donations and have better monitoring of the various projects in progress.

How to get your hands on a Brite4 Donation Kiosk?

An initial needs assessment meeting is booked. Following that meeting, we schedule a live demo of Brite4 donation kiosks we think would meet your objectives. The solutions are connected to a cellular network. An agreement with a merchant acquirer must be signed upon acceptance of the proposal. Fees may vary for different solutions, so it is best to book your free consultation with us to find out more.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is possible to rent any of our equipment depending on our inventory. Please contact us for details.
Yes, you will have access to a management platform that will allow you to modify the personalization parameters such as your own images, logos and others, all remotely. It is also possible to check if your content configurations are up to your expectations. Our team remains available for support if you have any questions.
The price differs depending on the type of kiosk and solution you are interested in, however you should note that the solutions are connected to a mobile network and an agreement with a payment collector must be signed once any proposal is accepted. Please contact one of our agents for details.
For all amounts over $20, we are required to offer donors the opportunity to enter their email address in order to receive an official tax receipt. Therefore, for all donors who have registered their email, they will receive a personalized email according to your instructions that entitles them to a tax deduction or credit on the donor’s tax return.