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Point of Sale (POS) System - Food Sector

The Brite4 point-of-sale (POS) system allows food-service industries in both restaurants and institutional settings to automate their order taking and service management. Combining a customizable interface and app with a kiosk or station, the POS can be configured to your needs to provide a seamless user experience.

Brite4 - Point-of-Sale System

Ordering via :
- Kiosk with a 24'' touch screen
- Electronic tablet

Integrated thermal printer :
- Inventory management

Contactless payment (credit, debit, Apple Pay)
-Multiple Options Available (US, CA, EU)

Optional RFID reader
-Improve user experience through identification

Interface and management software (SaaS)

Customizable control interface: :
-Personalize products and menus
-Model it in your company’s style

Inventory and sales follow-up

Order management

Customer management and history

Real-time reporting

Integration of promotional code and coupons (rfid)

Collection of information and emails

The expertise we needed


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Frequently asked questions:

It’s possible to try out our mobile tool. All you need is to open a merchant account and collect your payments in your account. If you’re ready to move to the next level, we can look into the option of a station.
An intuitive solution for taking your customer’s orders. Interface customization is a major plus in the perception of our tool that our clients appreciate.
Like any serious point-of-sale system, ours is connected to a printer that allows clients to print receipts in the kitchen or via a screen allowing to visualize your entire team to see.
We use RFID chips unique to each resident to collect the resident’s information when ordering. An innovative solution to improve the management in the kitchen and better predict which meals and how many of them to prepare.