Smart Fridge and Freezer
in Micromarket

A fresh new take on the self-serve business


Offer Fresh Healthy Meals 24/7

For every operator, entrepreneur, restaurant owner and caterer, it is now easier than ever to increase your points of sale and diversify your network within your company. Offer your healthy, fresh or frozen meals with an interactive Brite4 smart-fridge or a stand-alone Brite4 smart-freezer to generate additional sales for your business like a micromarket. Integrating our secure payment system and heavy-duty electric locks will enable you to innovate while keeping your mind at ease.

The combination of Brite4's intelligent refrigeration dispensers and the existing self-service structures adds value to the current state of the workplace cafeteria. The new smart vending machine to sell meals ready to eat. By integrating Brite4 into your existing business, you offer the possibility for your products to be constantly available and to be more aligned with the flexible hours of workers. Create revenue after closing hours!

A Turnkey solution:

Brite 4 - Smart vending machine

Monitor inventory, sales and conversion rate in real time

Customize prices, images and product descriptions remotely

Simple and intuitive use for the consumer

Contactless and secure payment

Brite4 Large Smart Freezer

This is the freezer version of our popular smart-fridge model. Our self-serve intelligent freezer is ideal for companies with more than 250 employees, this alternative solution will allow you to keep your products without adding an expiration date.

Brite4 Large Smart Fridge

This larger intelligent refrigerated display is ideal for companies with more than 250 employees, you will have the opportunity to diversify your offer and increase your sales volume.

Brite4 Mini Smart Fridge

Our small smart-fridge format is the ideal solution for small businesses who wish to take part of the momentum in the innovation of smart self-service products, with a more conservative inventory. Affordable and easy to use, you can confidently increase your point-of-sale and revenue.

The new way to sell with a micro market

The customer navigates on the interface to select their preferred products

Any Customer can insert a promotional code to redeem a discount on their shopping cart (if the operator allows it)

The customer confirms their purchase by paying with a credit card, debit card, ApplePay or AndroidPay

The customer can add their email to receive an electronic receipt and to subscribe to your newsletter.

Upon payment confirmation, the Brite4 Smart Fridge or Smart Freezer unlocks instantly and allows the customer to open the door, then select to pick up and leave with their product.

The expertise we needed


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Jane Doe, VP Finance, Company X

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely, our intelligent Brite4 self-service module can be adapted to several types of machines. Please contact our team to discuss the integration of all your machines to our showcases.
No, the price modification is only done on our management software.
The price varies depending on the model you would like to purchase. For a first-time user, we are currently offering a free 2-month trial at no charge. Please contact our team for details.
The Horizon SaaS platform is the back end and analytics suite that is connected to every Brite4 smart self-service machine. It allows you to monitor and manage inventory, promotions, sales, metrics etc. The monthly cost is $35 to $50 per month per machine (depending on features). Cellular connectivity fees are included in the price, which to ensure communication with the interface and payment are included in the price.
Yes, we can schedule a meeting directly at our Brite4 head office, located in Montreal. If not, a virtual demonstration can be scheduled with no problem.
We have determined that the best way to know the profile of a company is to use a survey to find out the interest of an interactive solution like ours. You can contact us to get the form that will allow you to open these new opportunities.
Yes, it is possible for a malicious employee to open the fridge after accepting a payment and taking more than what they paid for. The solution is based on an honour system where the trust of employers can be solidified by the additional cameras we provide to detect theft. Employer engagement is therefore important as it involves educating employees about any current issues.