Revolutionizing Self-Service

The art of automating and connecting self-service solutions



Redefining the self-service experience

Brite4 designs and markets self-service tech solutions to automate and enhance the user experience. Through intelligent vending machines, interactive kiosks, and smart fridges and freezers, our technology allows us to bridge the gap between old & new in the self-service industry without relying on additional labour.
Brite4 redefines the interaction between man and machine while being the sustainable solution for the future.
Interactive Donation Kiosk  Increase the number of donations collected with our fully customizable donation kiosks
Smart Vending Machine  Increase revenue by taking absolute control
Customizable Solutions We help you conceive and manufacture your new self-serve solution
Smart Fridges and Freezers Increase the point of sales in your business

Interactive Donation Kiosk

Smart Fridges and Freezers

Smart Vending Machine

Customizable Solutions



At Brite4, improving the user experience is as important as it is to optimize the operator’s profitability. We understand the level of commitment that needs to be established when looking to digitize a business. This is why we strive to offer a complete solution that perfectly aligns with your realities.

Take control of your points of sale

Offer turnkey solutions to your customers

Improve the performance of your facilities

Benefit from an outstanding service