Self-Service Solutions Tailored to Your Reality

The Brite4 team offers a variety of digital self-service solutions to make your day-to-day life easier and to help you better manage your operations.



The Difference? Our Software!

With our connected management platform, you can offer a fully personalized user experience using the touch screens on our interactive kiosks.

The multiple functionalities allow you to have an overview of all connected devices, to track sales and inventory and thus improve the services offered, all remotely.


An All-In-One Solution with Payment

Our intelligent self-serve machines and kiosk solutions are designed to include a payment terminal.

Using our secured software, you can easily modify product prices and display configurations remotely in real-time. With instant actualisation of payments and bank deposit within 24 hours, Brite4 has business owners in mind.


Benefits of Intelligent Self-Serve Solutions

Available 24/7

Enhanced customer experience

Remote control with real-time data

Increase your points of sale while simplifying your managing responsibilities