Customized Self-Serve Solutions

You have an idea? We can help you to design and manufacture your new customized self-serve solution.


Optimizing Operating Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction

In today's reality, it is increasingly difficult to find labour to perform various tasks on a daily basis. Regardless of the industry, a majority of companies are facing the challenge of maintaining their activities, while reducing their operating costs. These challenges lead us to reflect on our ways of doing things and collectively think: “How can we adapt our service offering, while ensuring an experience that meets customer expectations?”. Our solution was to turn to automation, which significantly optimizes operating costs. Not one business operates in the same way and so the need to develop customized intelligent self-service solutions was born.

Brite4’s customized self-service solutions are structured to service businesses with a flexible, yet powerful, management software.

Our skills

Consulting service
Identify your needs and offer a solution at the right price.

Mechanical design
From a sketch, we create a 3D model and assist until the manufacturing of the parts.

Electrical design
We can design an electronic circuit and a program that will allow you to perform all the required functions.

Software development
Our Horizon management platform is constantly evolving to adapt to your reality.

Our Process

1. Meeting to determine needs and functionality

2. Budget estimate with preliminary design

3. 3D design and planning

4. Prototyping and testing

5. Production and delivery

Examples of Solutions

Why Us?

In-house expertise


Flexible technology

All-in-one solution