The self-service Revolution

BRITE4 creates and commercializes smart and customized dispensing machines for their operators’ specific needs. As a leader in the dispensing machine industry, BRITE4 joins forces of 4.0 technology with a sleek design.

BRITE4 is the sustainable solution, ensuring that you offer a cutting-edge and unique customer experience. BRITE4 redefines the interaction between people and machines.

Your needs
Our technology

Your company’s unique requirements and needs call for personalized commercialization and marketing plan.

Let our team of experts develop a customized dispensing machine, payment kiosk or any other digital variation of a man to machine interaction. Allow your firm to benefit from increased efficiency and profitability. 

Take control

BRITE4 offers the only 100% customized and updatable dispensing machine.

Our creative team knows how to satisfy all of your merchandizing needs. BRITE4 offers a cutting-edge technology that allows you to extract data and follow your sales in real time. Adapt your selling strategies in no time!

A revolution

Simplified sales operations, optimized processes: BRITE4 offers an improved and interactive client experience.  

Intelligent automation: a buying experience revolution. 

BRITE4: offering countless possibilities 

Below are 5 examples of what our technology can do. Have a better idea? Contact our expert team who will be happy to answer all of your needs by developing an adapted technology that meets your requirements.

Our solutions


Updated dispensing machines: artificial intelligence to maximize your sales. Slim cut and sleek design. 


A mobile donation station: customer-friendly and interactive, it also features a customizable user interface. 


Shorten wait queues and ensure an efficient distribution for your RFID passes or wristbands. An improved client experience. Facilitated management for the operator. 


The Smart Vender enables a great user experience via our new interface, which allows consumers to purchase items with ease from either a fridge or freezer.


The Smart Vender allows us to up-cycle old, existing vending machines and to integrate technology with a quick and straight forward installation.

Mask dispenser

The smart contactless mask dispensers that are adaptable in different environments to ensure sanitary control in establishments.

Our team

Gabriel Tétrault


See what is possible where others see the impossible, that is the key to success. 

-Charles-Albert Poissant

Antoine Sifoni


They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.

-Mark Twain

Marc-André Bouchard


The best way to predict the future is to create it. 

-Peter Drucker


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